The Kingsville Public Library is proud to offer After School Classes thanks to the Oleta and Joel Swaney Learning Enrichment Fund.



The Zany, Whacky World of Dr. Seuss


Course Title: Dr. Seuss

Instructor: Mrs. Kathleen Kirk

Grades: 1st-3rd grade.

Location: Kingsville Elementary School

Days: Tuesday's

            February 18th - March 25th

Time: 3:30 - 5:00 pm

Class Limit: 15

Class Fee: $10


What do you get when you cross Oobleck, Bartholomew, Horton, and Ham? THe "Zany, Whacky world of Dr. Seuss," of course! Even though your child is probably no stranger to Dr. Seuss stories, nobody can resist hearing them over and over again!


Students will bring the stories to life with projects to take home and crazy games to play. They'll investigate with a real microscope, get twisted in twister, and make their own concoctions like OOBLECK and silly putty!


Not only is this class fun for your child, all activities are aligned with state academic standards for age appropriate learning! What could be better? 

Stepping Stones...Tiles, Patterns & Designs


Course Title: Designing with Geometry

Instructor: Mrs Rebecca Stowell

Grades: 4th and 5th

Location: Kingsville Elementary School

Days: Tuesdays

            February 18th - March 25th

Time: 3:30 - 5:00 pm

Class Limit: 15

Class Fee: $10


What do you get when you create your own unique tile design that expresses your personality, interests and style?? Something that says who you are.


The ideas are limitless and your art work will be ready to take home and display or "use" at the end of the session.


Students will discover how geometry and the art of tile design are intertwined. They will then design their own unique individual tile as well as collaborate with another on a group of tiles using specific guidelines based on geometric orientation and proportional relationships. 

Kingsville Library Youth Development Clubs


In Support with the Oleta and Joel Swaney Learning Enrichment Fund


The Fund is endowed by their children of Joel & Oleta (Baber) Swaney, longtime Kingsville residents, as well as other friends and family, to honor their individual and combined commitment to continuous learning. This enduring fund will allow Oleta and Joel's passion for learning to continue for future generations of Kingsville area children.


The Fall of 2013 began the Swaney Fund new tradition of after school learning with Friendship Club being offered to first to third grade students and Cooking Club being offered to the fourth and fifth grade students. Friendship Club offered the students opportunities to enjoy more books and stories, learning empathy for friends, family, animals and others, and making many fun arts and crafts to enjoy and share with their families. Cooking Club also read some new books, tried many new foods and learned how to make some nutritious and delicious snacks for themselves and their families. They ended the session by making their own cookbook with all the recipes that they made during the session. 


The winter 2014 session included "The Zany, Whacky World of Dr. Seuss" for the first through third graders and "Stepping Stones....Tiles, Patterns & Designs," for the fourth and fifth graders. The Dr. Seuss adventure took the students through many different Dr. Seuss books by reading, listening and acting, and then led them to science and math through measurement, recipes and experiments. The Stepping Stones class taught the students to create their own stamp and then they created their own unique tile design. They learned how geometry and the art of tile design are intertwined. 


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