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Strive 4 Success Academic Coaching

Strive for Success AM Homework Help at Lakeside Junior High School started off with 15 students in September of 2013 and has grown to an average daily attendance of 34 students each morning in May. Students attended before school, from 7:30 am - 8:45 am for Academic Coaching, working on homework, receiving tutoring where needed and keeping up with their layered curriculum requirements. The students that have participated have grown in their responsibility, positive behaviors and of course their academic grades. They have worked hard and deserve to be recognized for their positive outcomes! It has been a pleasure to serve these students.

Wade Avenue Campus students arrived at S4S with smiles and readiness to get to work - after being at school all day. So much ability and drive to succeed, ASD was pleased to be able to provide this service to the students who so willingly sponged up the learning given. Academic Coaching began in October with 65 students attending each day and grew to 100 students attending by the end of April. Second graders began attending S4S in February and also continued to the end of April with 50 students working toward their reading goals.

Way to go Strive 4 Success students!

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