Looking for an adventure in the great outdoors?


Over 6,000 students have participated in Outdoor Learning Day!


The Water Ways Adventure program enhances the current curricula in science and math while encouraging students to become environmental stewards in their community. Teachers who participate in Waterways Adventures agree to integrate related activities during the school year, both in the classroom and at the field site. 


Students use problem solving, creative thinking and analytical skills while applying the scientific process in their classroom and at the outdoor learning site. 


Waterways Adventure helps students meet grade level standards in science and math with a hands-on approach in the classroom as well as outdoors.



The following items are available on loan through After School Discovery:


1. Science Activity Kits - Each kit includes a description of the activity, grade level standards for science and/or math and all supplies. 

2. Microscopes & slides

3. Waders & nets and other supplies


Community Involvement:

  • AACS

  • Cristal

  • The Cleveland Museum of Natural History 

  • Ashtabula County Soil and Water Conservatoin District




  • Program encourages environmental stewardship

  • Resources/kits stress inquiry based learning

  • Activities are aligned to state academic standards