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Here's how to become an ASD partner

After School Discovery is building a "Community" of interest and support in pursuit of the BEST education and youth development system in America. In this model, EVERYONE benefits if EVERYONE gives.


Contact us TODAY if you want to explore ways you and/or your organization want to become a part of this movement. 


Consider giving:


Instruction comes alive when taught by the experts in the field who have passion for the topic. After School Discovery often finds ways to include "guest" instructors to help make an impact on the students we serve.


In the next wave of programing, we will offer more programs in the areas of Life Skills, Essential Experiences and those connected to and supporting workforce and career preparation. Thses are topics where we are already drawing new "talent" in to help teach - and prime for volunteers like YOU!



Keeping costs down or being able to include students from families going through difficult times is ONLY possible through financial contributions AND by keeping our costs low. Whenever possible, we'll do it the hard way rather than the expensive way. Uncompensated extra time from staff and volunteer hours from our firends and neighbors help us do what we do - for those who need it most. 



Special thanks to A. Louis Supply Company for housing our administrative office needs - and to Ashtabula Area City Schools for making space in the school buildings for programming. We are always interested in bringing the students to the community. Let us know if you see an opportunity to reinforce a lesson - by hosting a learning program at a field site. 



Always needed. We do our work so closely with the schools systems that it might be easy to assume we are funded in the same manner. We are NOT. After School Discovery is a 501[c]3 organization who works side-by-side with the schools, but does not receive direct public funding like a school or district. We don't do what the schools do - we are what the schools need but can't do. But we need your help to do it. Please click here for giving information.



Is there something that you think every child in Ashtabula should learn how to do or should experience before graduating high school? We welcome you to partner with us to fund that program. Our partner Cristal has partnered with us to provide learning opportunities for our youth such as our annual "Water Ways" program.  


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