Discovery Cove:

Discovery Cove is a before and after school Youth Development program for Kindergarten through 6th grade students who attend the AACS Lakeside Elementary campus. Discovery Cove is licensed through ODJFS and is open from 6:15 am through 6:00 pm.  This is a parent pay or ODJFS Pay program.


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Kinder Cove:

Kinder Cove is the other half of the preschoolers day. ASD will transition preschoolers from their AM Early Learning Center Classroom  to Kinder Cove or from ASD Kinder Cove to their PM Early Learning Center Classroom.



Club 212

Club 212 is an after school Academic Coaching and Homework help program at Lakeside Jr High School, offered at no charge to our AACS families. Club 212  works with students to improve their academic achievement and engage them in fun classes that support their life skill development. 


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Environmental Science academic kits are available to 4th through 6th grade classrooms.  Each year students are invited to  participate in an outdoor learning day in the fall and an Environmental Learning Day in the Spring.


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Strive 4 Success

Strive 4 success is a six week academic coaching program held at the Ontario, Erie and Superior AACS District buildings at no charge to our AACS families. We are working closely with teachers who can provide your child with Academic Coaching in reading and mathematics to help him/her succeed this year in school. Last year, children who regularly attended Strive 4 Success showed improvement and parents were positive about the program. 



Summer Programs

This summer we will continue the journey with our Summer of Discovery program for students who completed first through 3rd grade in the Ashtabula Area City School district.  We will continue planting seeds of learning, both academically and socially this summer.


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