Strive 4 Success

Fall Session:  November 9 - December 18, 2020

Winter Session:  February 1 - May 20, 2021


On November 16, 2020, we have gone back to VIRTUAL LEARNING.  We are creating a VIRTUAL Strive 4 Success program to continue the momentum we started.


 The Strive 4 Success Program (S4S) provides academic coaching to students in second grade and third grade, at no cost to their parent/guardian. Students in the Ashtabula Area City Schools are eligible to participate. Registration forms are available at each participating school or in the After School Discovery Business Office.


Students are recommended for this program based on teacher or parent recommendations. The students will participate in activities that will strengthen their language arts and math skills, with the goal being to help them better understand the subject and apply their learning to succeed in their academic schooling. 


Since 2011, S4S has offered students the ability to set goals for themselves, understand their best approach to learning, understand the use of information sources, and participate in hands-on activities that encourage critical thinking and creative processes - all of which help them in achieving their personal and academic goals. 


At the Wade Avenue Campus, second and third grade students will meet after school two days a week following their current hybrid school schedule (Monday/Tuesday or Wednesday/Thursday).  After eating their packed school lunch, the students will participate in either a physical activity, homework time, or strategic games before going to their one hour of academic coaching. Transportation home is available through Richmond Transportation, if needed.


2nd grade application

3rd grade application