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          After School Discovery is a unique organization that offers enrichment opportunities to children that inspire their creativity and stimulate their young minds beyond the school day. ASD develops dynamic programs using an experiential learning model and aligns its classes to state academic standards.           


          Since 1994, After School Discovery has nurtured children's interest in education and learning through fun, engaging programs. Students have experienced the magic of science while looking through microscopes, connected to learning through cooking, created modern dance choreography with professional dancers, and have been inspired by their success in learning. Over the years ASD has grown and has provided over 30,000 learning opportunities. 


          ASD collaborates with local school districts, organizations, and businesses in order to better carry out its mission. Research has shown that a child's success in school is influenced by parents, schools, and community members working together to support student achievement. ASD is an essential link in encouraging a strong support system for students through a community learning support team, volunteer programs and mentorship opportunities.











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Mission Statement 

          To promote enrichment opportunities for children that encourages problem solving, investigation, self-expression, and self-esteem. We provide high quality, fun, enrichment activities that stimulate young minds beyond the normal curricula to encourage higher level thinking skills. 

         After School Discovery works with a broad array of partners to provide the full spectrum and extent of learning experiences and supporting resources necessary for life success. Our primary target audience are school-aged children and their families - and we are most effective when the student and family joins the program when children are at Pre-School Age. 

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