During COVID-19 , all programing is on hold except for DISCOVERY COVE 

Discovery Cove starts the first day of school - Wednesday, September 2nd

     In conjunction with Ashtabula Area City Schools (AACS) first day of school, After School Discovery will kick off the Discovery Cove program at Wade Avenue Primary Campus.

     The program is being offered from 6:15 am to start of school day and end of school day to 6:00 pm  Monday through Friday. 

     During COVID-19 and Online Virtual Learning, we ask for your patience.  We will have Discovery Cove open with time for your child to participate in their online classroom while in Discovery Cove.  We will follow the protocol set out for health care during these times.

     Every morning parents can drop off their child in a safe place where curious minds are nurtured, creativity is inspired and encouraged, and certified professionals and educators offer students a new understanding of the world and their environment.  

     Discovery Cove takes place in the Huron Primary Building in collaboration with AACS faculty and staff to serve all interested students.




After School Disovery is working to design, test and - ultimately - apply county -wide, a technology bridge that connects students with learning opportunities locally - or wherever in the world lessons can be found. Our goal is not to replace teachers, parents and volunteers - we are working to help each be even more effective in their valuable roles. 

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