After School Discovery has been blessed to be part of our Ashtabula County Children's lives for over 25 years.  Providing academic coaching and enrichments of art, music, theatre, dance and STEM -- AND, doing it our way!

The Discovery Cove doors will be closed as of September 30, 2020.

It is now time for ASD to take a break in our programming until further notice.  This will give us time to regroup and reorganize to the needs of our students, their families and the Ashtabula Community. If the needs arise in the next school year we will do our best to again provide the caring environment for academic and enrichment learning.

ASD THANKS our families, donors, local foundations, AACS District staff, and the Ashtabula County Community for their support in making these 25 years possible in providing over 40,000 student learning opportunities!




After School Disovery is working to design, test and - ultimately - apply county -wide, a technology bridge that connects students with learning opportunities locally - or wherever in the world lessons can be found. Our goal is not to replace teachers, parents and volunteers - we are working to help each be even more effective in their valuable roles. 

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