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Club 212 runs in 5K

Club 212 shaped students up this spring with "Couch to 5K," a beginners level course on distance running that culminated with participation in a friendly community 5K Fun Run. The junior high students trained four days a week after school, running with coaches and other adults who chose to join in the fun. All of the participants had their race fees sponsored so they could participate in the event. One runner even had a new pair of shoes donated to him. He said, "Until I got the new shoes, I had to run in steel toed boots because they were the only shoes that I had. The new shoes improved my performance dramatically." The students all plan to continue running in races in the future. Three racers [pictured here] extended their range to five miles at the Lakeside Campus to Campus Run - extending from the Wade Avenue campus of Ashtabula Area City Schools to Lakeside High School. We love seeing our students be successful at the new things that they try. Way to go Club 212!

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