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After School Discovery


A River of Many Fish

40 + students grades 4-8 attended ASD’s “Summer of Discovery”. The program was developed in order to not only help curb the learning loss that is evident over summer…but also to create a community of excited learners - students that will testify that learning is fun.

Summer of Discovery included activities including ipad math challenges, book club and Adopt a Beach curriculum where the students explored our local beaches, environmental issues and performed community service.

Students also experienced local hiking, a visit to Deer Park, Kent Ashtabula (for career exploration and technology experience), a trip to Pymatuning to witness where the fish “walk on water” and an informative college visit to Youngstown State.

In addition…throughout the whole camp session the students, mentors and staff created a sculptural “river of fish” representing their individuality as well as their understanding of being part of a diverse and rich community. The fish were displayed July 19 and 20th at the community event “TABS” (see more about this event in TABS article).

The students not only brushed up on their academics but learned what it takes to become an active and contributing part of a community and why that is important. They “experienced” it. They practiced being part of a tightly knit team and had a memorable “Summer of Discovery”.

-Rebecca Stowell


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