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Keeping Up To Date - Exciting New Things Are Always Happening at ASD

After School Discovery has carved out a unique niche in the Ashtabula professional community. The talent pool is deeper and wider than many might realize. ASD offers an outlet for talented, experienced and caring adults to make a difference, earn some income and [frequently] launch into something exciting in their next adventure.

Tracy Archuleta took the helm of the Lakeside Junior HS Club 212 program mid-year in the 2013-2014 program year and has been instrumental in solidifying its’ place as an essential resource for a select group of students who are in the process of building some personal and academic momentum. Tracy is an Art Teacher by training [as are many of our staffers] and was offered a rare full time teaching position in her field in the Jefferson School District. We are pleased to have had her on our team and wish her well moving forward.

Discovery is working to reorganize our team to strengthen core program areas while building breadth of programming and increasing our reach to include more students who could benefit from involvement.

Stacy Gancos and Debbie Van Gorder are both seasoned veterans who fit the ‘talented and caring’ description quite well. Each has been actively involved in the Club 212 Program and we’ve asked them to team up and share the duties as Associate Program Directors. While expanding and improving programs, they will also team with ASD Administrative Staff to secure resources and commitments necessary to continue the program beyond this – the final year of a multi-year Ohio Department of Education Learning Center grant.

The Wade Campus at AACS looks to expand as well, working to provide Kinder Cove to as many students as possible, continue Discovery and Reading Cove programs, and expand the popular program of Strive for Success to range from 2nd grade through 6th grade. ASD Co-founder and long-time ASD advocate, teacher, coordinator Becca Stowell joins Lisa Schira as the Program Management team that will build momentum for a growing number of elementary students.

- Rich Recker

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