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Summer of Discovery

How did YOU spend your Summer vacation? Seventh and eighth grade Lakeside Junior High students spent six weeks swimming in our Summer of Discovery. Besides making fish, including Bessie, the Lake Erie Monster, out of wire, newspaper and a half ton of plaster, students participated in Adopt a Beach program. Several trips to Walnut Beach had students cleaning up the beach, doing a scavenger hunt, conducting experiments, making sand, and swimming! We also explored Indian Trails, hiking, creating Goldsworthy type art, and swimming! Note the theme here?

Students worked to improve their Math Skills with the use of our new iPads and Khan Academy! Language Arts learning took place in Book Club. Groups of students read Riker's High, Begging for Change, Mick Hart, and On My Honor. Water balloons, pizza making, cupcake baking, journaling, drawing and more helped reinforce the themes of the books. Yes, water balloons!

Besides the beach and the gulf, students travelled on several field trips. We gardened and made healthy snacks at 211 Community Action. We visited the Hatchery and Spillway in Linesville and fed over 100 loaves of bread to the fish and ducks. Our lifelong learners got a taste of college life at Kent State Ashtabula and Gannon University visits. And adults and students thoroughly enjoyed feeding and petting all the animals at Deer Park!

We would also like to thank our Youth Mentor for all of their help! What great role models for our students! We could not have done it without you!

-Debbie VanGorder

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