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Club 212 Fall Classes

In the fall, Club 212 will be offering After School Homework Help for all Fall athletes. This program is offered so the athletes can remain in the building after school until their coaches arrive. They will have a snack and be given time to complete homework and projects while waiting for their practice to begin.

Club 212 also offers homework help for ANY students who would like to stay after and get some work done. Also, we will have many different speakers from around the county coming to present vital information to the students. There will also be clubs offered Mon-Thur. for the students to pick from. Some of the many clubs that will be offered in the fall are:

Cooking Club - the students will be going to the Food Lab at the High School to prepare recipes, learn proper kitchen techniques, measure ingredients and learn about table manners and etiquette.

Fundamentals of Art will be offered again in the fall. Details TBA

Martial Arts with a black belt instructor

STEM Learning - Science, Technology, Engineering and Math with be used with the iPads, school newspaper, building using different materials, and Adopt a Beach Curriculum.

Recess club - play a variety of recess games like four square, jump rope, kick ball, etc... This is the only "recess" time you get in junior high.

DDP yoga - Learn the basic yoga techniques and poses while following along with Diamond Dallas Page (DDP)

Glee Club - Sing and Dance and prepare a number for the school talent show.

Fashion Design -Learn to make an outfit from scratch. Design it, cut the pattern, and sew it all together

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