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TABS Festival - Success Despite the Weather


ASD was well represented at the second annual TABS festival (The Arts on Bridge Street).

Despite the ugly weather many of the students rallied and came down to parade, display and admire their “River of many Fish” sculptures which represented the unique personalities of each of our Summer of Discovery students and mentors. In addition, ASD supported the community ART VILLAGE at the event and many students made a clay tile representing their colorful and distinctive footprint on Ashtabula – part of a community art project which will later adorn the concession stand at Walnut beach.

The weather at last cleared for the second day of the event and the students had many more admirers of their work and an equal number of eager tile makers from the community visiting the art village.

The mentor volunteers were absolutely invaluable and tireless – devoting their entire day to the event and to creating a fun and creative environment for the visitors…Kudos to them!

All in all, a very successful and satisfying culminating event to the “Summer of Discovery”.

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