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Farewell to Melinda

ASD has been fortunate to be a stopping place on a sky-rocketing career journey of Melinda McNutt. The look and feel of many of After School Discovery’s communication materials and online features trace back to Melinda, as she was asked to help us grow in this area. She approached the work in a way, unique for such a young professional. Yes, our media ‘looks’ better. But more importantly, all of our communication is now much easier to access, administer, and is designed to be able to grow alongside us as we seek to reach more students and their families.

Melinda is destined for graduate school and to be my boss one day, but in the short term she will do campaign work for the United Way of Greater Cleveland and for the Civic Development Corporation of Ashtabula County. There is no doubt she will make a positive impact in whatever community she serves, and has made such an impact in Ashtabula.

-Rich Recker

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